The Charity Project

Mindy Kaling is an all-out nerdy goddess! She is hilarious, girly, and a role model for women who appreciate good comedy. If you haven’t seen Mindy’s work, I encourage you to drop whatever plans you have tonight and watch seasons 1-7 of The Office and the entirety of The Mindy Project. You’re in for possibly … More The Charity Project

Assaulting Assault

Mariska Hargitay: Actor. Activist. Lover of the Hashtag. If you can’t place this half-Hungarian princess, you’ve probably seen her in a chilling yet captivating episode of Law & Order, SVU. She’s bold, brilliant, and has carried the show as Olivia Benson for 17 seasons! On top of her crime fighting, maternally-inclined role as Olivia Benson, Mariska is … More Assaulting Assault

The Richter Scale

Football. It’s no longer just a sport for men but a sport that brings millions together in the spirit of competition. If you’re a girl and you still haven’t caught the football hype, go out to the next game in your area. If nothing else, it’s a great social event and maybe the mascot will do … More The Richter Scale

One Heart

The Bulldawg Nation. This term is not just a phrase or a clever marketing ploy. The Bulldawg Nation is a place in your heart. Nothing compares to walk through North Campus, a late night in the library, or a Saturday between the hedges. The Bulldawg faithful know this Saturday was a particularly hard blow. Losing … More One Heart

The Presidential Award

With obesity rates higher than ever, our country needs a superhero.Lucky for us we have a children’s health advocate conveniently located in the White House! First Lady Michelle Obama is elegant, strong, and has arms that could stop any threat to this great nation. September marks the 5th anniversary of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and the First Lady’s “Let’s … More The Presidential Award

A Witch for Equality

Everyone either wants to be her or date her and I, for one, wouldn’t mind being her. If you are not familiar with the elegance that is Emma Watson, I am very glad you are reading my blog and I insist you go watch Harry Potter 1-7.2 immediately after you finish reading Harry Potter 1-7 in book format and then take … More A Witch for Equality

Modern Confidence

Sofia Vergara puts the bomb in bombshell! She is beautiful on the outside and the inside (especially inside her Instagram). If you are unfamiliar with Sofia’s work, watch every season of Modern Family and you’ll fall in love with this Columbian princess (also watch the show because it’s hilarious and you’ve seriously overlooked a modern gem of television). Not only is Sofia a phenomenal actor, she is a woman … More Modern Confidence