The Richter Scale

Mark-RichtFootball. It’s no longer just a sport for men but a sport that brings millions together in the spirit of competition. If you’re a girl and you still haven’t caught the football hype, go out to the next game in your area. If nothing else, it’s a great social event and maybe the mascot will do something funny.

Mark Richt is one of the great coaches of college football and an even greater man. He conducts himself and the UGA football program with integrity and class, earning the respect of fans and competitors alike. He is a father figure. When giving a speech to the incoming freshman class he spent half of his time talking about football and the second half telling the young men in the crowd to respect the women around them. You’re a diamond in the ruff (go Dawgs)!

Coach Richt also shows immeasurable character on social media. Several weeks ago, the Bulldawgs faced the Southern University Jaguars between the hedges in a damp, 12 o’clock game. One of the SU players suffered a spinal injury and was taken to a local hospital. Over the next few days, Coach Richt had the player’s Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.31.47 AMfamily flown up to Athens and paid for some of his medical expenses. The next game between the hedges was again the Crimson Tide, the topic everyone else was focussed on. On Coach Richt’s twitter, days before the big game, he called to the Dawg Nation to have Devon Gales in their prayers and try to help his family in whatever way they could. In a time when the word “football” is associated with domestic violence, scandal, and cheating, Mark Richt and the UGA football program is a breath of fresh air! Go Dawgs.

If you would like to help with Devon Gales’ medical expenses, click here!


One thought on “The Richter Scale

  1. This is a great post, and I could not agree more! Mark Richt has always been extremely positive, cordial, and classy on social media, especially when it comes to rallying support for the games- and in this case, for injured players on the other team. I love the simplicity of this post, and I especially like that you included the link to support the Devon Gales fund! Keep up the great work 🙂


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