Social Media Weekend Update

amy-poehlerThis blog is devoted to how celebrities use their influence to give back to their community and promote it through social media. What better place to begin than with the woman, the myth, the legend: Amy Poehler?

If you don’t know Amy, I encourage you to stop reading this post immediately and go watch Saturday Night Live sketches circa 2003, the movie Baby Mama, seasons 3-6 of the show Parks and Recreation, and then continue reading this blog. Amy Poehler is historical, humble, and empowers young girls around the world to be comfortable in their own shoes.

Amy Poehler’s brand in front of the camera is goofy, cute, and a bit ridiculous. Off stage, she is a hard-working, humble feminist that cares more about using social media for positive social change than her own publicity. Take a look at these screenshots

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.59.29 AMThe top picture  her personal twitter page void of content. The bottom picture is the twitter page of Amy Poehler’s company “Smart Girls” (created with friend, Meredith Walker).  Smart Girls engages young females from around the globe to “change the world by being yourself.” The company focusses on fun, educational, and imaginative content that
addresses the
trials of growing up as a girl like dealing with Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.00.14 AMboys, bullies, and body image. Completely through what platforms, you ask? Every social media outlet that comes to mind!

Smart Girls does a fantastic job of engaging girls in different ways across diverse social media channels. The Smart Girls website, which feels more like a blog, features short videos ranging from advice to cool science experiments to fun book reports. Twitter and Facebook engage users by giving them an opportunity to share words of encouragement, stories, poems, and ask for advice while Pinterest focuses on creativity through crafts and inspirational pictures. By offering different content across each platform, the user stays engaged with a validating message no matter where their web searching takes them.

Click here to watch an “Ask Amy” video with advice on apologizing!

Amy Poehler is not only beautiful and witty, she is a role model for young girls across the globe and uses her social media presence to empower future world leaders, not boost her image. You rock, Amy!


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