A Witch for Equality

Everyone either wants to be her or date her and I, for one, emma-watsonwouldn’t mind being her. If you are not familiar with the elegance that is Emma Watson, I am very glad you are reading my blog and I insist you go watch Harry Potter 1-7.2 immediately after you finish reading Harry Potter 1-7 in book format and then take the house sorting quiz on Pottermore. Emma is also in Perks of Being a Wallflower but that is significantly less life changing.
Speaking of life changing, Emma Watson does her fair share of changing lives as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Emma uses her voice to promote gender equality and serves as a role model for young (and almost young) girls around the world. A year ago, almost to the day, Emma gave an arousing speech to kickstart the HeForShe campaign calling men and boys around the world to put sexism to rest. The speech virally defined feminism and engaged men in almost every single nation across the globe.

Check out the full speech here!

This past month, the HeForShe campaign engaged their audience in a new social way: through Dubsmash. This funky, fun app allows users to take videos of themselves under famous sound clips from movies, TV shows, Youtube video, and more (personally, I made one-too-many dubs with the intro song to Bill Nye the Science Guy last summer). The HeForShe campaign challenged Twitter followers to engage with clips of Emma’s speech and created a new surge of awareness for gender equality. Emma uses her voice to end discrimination, close the wage gap, and stop civil violence around the world. Most importantly, she uses social media to invite others into the conversation!

If you are a HeForShe and want to create a just world and end gender discrimination, sign the pledge on the HeForShe website or join the Dubsmash conversation like j4kegreen:


2 thoughts on “A Witch for Equality

  1. I LOVE when celebrities use their fame for good! Emma Watson is one of my very own girl-crushes and now I even want to learn more about the HeForShe campaign. Crazy how that works. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I have always loved Emma Watson (in other ways besides sharing the same first name, which I thought was the coolest thing when I was little). Not only is she a talented actress of one of the most widely watched movie series of all time, but she is an inspiration to men and women alike. I remember watching her HeForShe speech and being impressed by how intelligent and poised she was. In today’s world where youth think of Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner as role models, I love seeing class acts like Emma Watson promoting meaningful causes like gender equality. This is the type of actress that young girls should look up to…thanks for bringing it to light in your post!


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