The Charity Project

Mindy Kaling is an all-out nerdy goddess! She is hilarious, girly, and a role model for women who appreciate good comedy. If you haven’t seen Mindy’s work, I encourage you to drop whatever plans you have tonight and watch seasons 1-7 of The Office and the entirety of The Mindy Project. You’re in for possibly … More The Charity Project

Assaulting Assault

Mariska Hargitay: Actor. Activist. Lover of the Hashtag. If you can’t place this half-Hungarian princess, you’ve probably seen her in a chilling yet captivating episode of Law & Order, SVU. She’s bold, brilliant, and has carried the show as Olivia Benson for 17 seasons! On top of her crime fighting, maternally-inclined role as Olivia Benson, Mariska is … More Assaulting Assault

The Richter Scale

Football. It’s no longer just a sport for men but a sport that brings millions together in the spirit of competition. If you’re a girl and you still haven’t caught the football hype, go out to the next game in your area. If nothing else, it’s a great social event and maybe the mascot will do … More The Richter Scale

One Heart

The Bulldawg Nation. This term is not just a phrase or a clever marketing ploy. The Bulldawg Nation is a place in your heart. Nothing compares to walk through North Campus, a late night in the library, or a Saturday between the hedges. The Bulldawg faithful know this Saturday was a particularly hard blow. Losing … More One Heart