Modern Confidence

Sofia Vergara puts the bomb in bombshell! She is beautiful on the outside and the inside (especially inside her Instagram). If yousofia-vergara-is-the-highest-earning-tv-actress-by-a-landslide are unfamiliar with Sofia’s work, watch every season of Modern Family and you’ll fall in love with this Columbian princess (also watch the show because it’s hilarious and you’ve seriously overlooked a modern gem of television).

Not only is Sofia a phenomenal actor, she is a woman deeply rooted in her Latin culture and stands as a pillar of confidence. In our country, ridiculous pressure is put on kids to act a certain way, look a certain way, and speak a certain way – we’ve all been to middle school. Imagine dealing with the stress of America’s culture plus the demands of your family’s culture and the disconnect between them. The pressure to fit in as a teenager is exhausting enough and adding in all those extra pieces seems unbearable! By using outlets like Instagram and Twitter, Sofia gives minority youth around the country a breath of fresh air. Her goofy posts with friends and colleagues, often inSpanish, show her confidence in her heritage and gives a glimmer of hope
that everything will turn out alright. She also gives off an air of confidence and comfortability in her physical appearance that Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.54.56 PMshows young girls they don’t have to conform to Vogue’s definition of beauty. She screams be bold, be beautiful, be different
(probably all in Spanish too)!

On top of being a much needed influence for diversity, Sofia is an active supporter and advocate for charities like the Alzheimer’s Association and St. Jude’s Research Hospital. The pictures of her being funky and fun on her twitter feed intertwine with links to charity websites and advocacy groups. Recently, her posts advocate for the “It Can Wait” campaign to end texting and driving. You are a true inspiration, Ms. Vergara! Check out the video below to hear about St. Jude’s:


5 thoughts on “Modern Confidence

  1. Sofia really is an inspirational woman and I love that her social media reflects that. She is confident and really proud of her heritage and I think it is so interesting that she uses Spanish on Instagram posts even when her audience is most likely predominately English-speakers. I also love that she uses her platform as a celebrity and her social media to promote charities she cares about.


  2. I’ve always been a huge fan of Sophia. I love the way that she inspires confidence through her social media outlets, especially in young women. It’s always been very admirable to me how she uses Spanish to show fans how proud she is of her heritage. Sophia is a great role model in the way that she portrays her genuine personality through social media.


  3. I absolutely love Sophia! It’s nice to know that other people think she’s great too. I haven’t gotten to know her on social media, and I am ashamed to admit I’m not an avid watcher of Modern Family. I still love her personality, style, finesse, and more when I see her on talk shows, YouTube, etc. I think her an Ellen make a powerful duo. It is great to know some of the specific organizations and ways that Sophia speaks out. On the note about her embracing her heritage, I am a big follower of Daniela Ruah on Instagram, and she does something similar. Daniela is from Portugal, and she writes all of her posts in English & Portuguese. I love that Instagram is not confined to characters like Twitter because it allows people to use it a little more freely for cool stuff like this!


  4. I LOVE Modern Family, and Sofia Vergara is fantastic in that show! She really does give a voice to lots of younger minorities in this country, something that we are really lacking. I love the fact that she shares about her work with different and charities on her social media pages too!


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