J.K. Rowling in Charity

GVUNU5ZdAs most of us wait for our admissions letter to Hogwarts (that undoubtedly got lost when we were 11), J.K. Rowling is hard at work creating magic elsewhere. If you don’t know who this creative genius is, you A.) are not a millennial or B.) have missed the greatest literary works since Romeo and Juliet. I encourage you to cancel all your plans for the next week, buy so much cookie dough, and read Harry Potter 1-7 (especially number 6). The Harry Potter series woke imagination in an entire generation and taught us lessons on love, life, bravery, good, and evil.

In addition to J.K. Rowling being a literary goddess, she is also an incredibly human being! According to Forbes, J.K. Rowling dropped out of the billionaire list in 2012 because she donated too much money to charity. She was the first female novelist to become a billionaire and she sacrificed the title to help people in need. What an inspiration! She also started an organization called Lumos benefiting children worldwide who are in orphanages because of poverty, disability, or for being part of an ethnic minority. According to the video below, produced by Lumos and narrated by J.K. Rowling, 80% of children in orphanages worldwide are not actually orphans but have families that just can’t support them. Lumos works to channel money out of crooked, abusive orphanages and into community based services that help families support their children.

Lumos creates a lot of interesting content on their website but could use a design makeover and needs to optimize for mobile. Although the organization has a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook, their Instagram does not place enough emphasis on good photography. Overall, Lumos is a unique, necessary organization and could make an even greater impact on an unserved population if they bump up their social game. Take a look at the video below to learn more about the illuminating magic!


2 thoughts on “J.K. Rowling in Charity

  1. This is so cool! I had no idea J.K. Rowling had donated that much money to this charity which caused her to drop from the billionaire category, and this video is great! I hope they can fix their social channels so they can become more well- known and make a greater impact.


  2. Love J.K. Rowling! I think it’s awesome that she donates so much money to charity, but I had no idea she had created her own charitable organization. So, I think the organization probably needs to do a little more marketing to get the word out about this awesome cause.


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